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Poetry and Poems

The writing of an English PhD: (stands for Phig-Drinker)

hypochondriacs in hyperspace.
revive my time. It’s not a free for all.
perform my life. It’s not an exorcism.

the problem
with musical performers is
they play live but they never play dead

Does Metallic Spray Make Kids Eat Healthy?

This German spray paint will bling anything. Then you can still eat it. It claims there is no taste difference. It’s called DEKORATION ESSLACK, which translates to me as Glittery Exlax. I’d be willing to try it, but I don’t see much purpose. Would it prevent your coworkers from stealing your food you leave in the fridge?

I don’t speak German, but I do translate it:
Already time for a chromium plating? Or asparagus shield? With Esslack that is completely simple. If you improve culinary creations of each art as beautifully as the result, the handling is so uncomplicated: More shine, more beatuful!… Take the covers off the lid and up-spray. Finished. Esslack chromium plating and golds everything that comes to it in the kitchen under the nozzle, and is without hesitation consumable and absolutely taste neutral.

Easy, Breezy, Beautichrome. Covergirl for your dinner plate! Dogs will thank you for serving them aluminum biscuits. Spray their medication so they think that they are eating $19,891,898 gold nuggets! Yum.

Corporate Ocean Exploration poem

Sea Explorers touch me.
Be the Oceanic Searchers.
The Deep-Sea Probe
DiscoverWater liquid credit card.
Discover the Deep (you shallow lung).
SkinFins on land.
Submerged Waters
Exploraquatic annual report.
Aquatisource (works cited)
The Wet Leagues. Not you ordinary soccer league. We are talking depth.
We talk deep. Leagues Deep.
Aquatic Findings.

Find it here

Year of the Valentine

This yearis the year of the Valentine fuck up. I realize that I will no longer make things from scratch when it doesn’t measure up. It disappoints. I worry myself to death and self-denial that my life is not going to please anyone 100%. That is fine with me because I will try harder next year. My life involves trying harder to reach my goal. Love is most important to me, and I will not accept subpar. Happy Valentines Day. No hard feeling. I love you.

African Tanning Salons

I am not black, but sometimes people mistake me for being African-American because of my very dark skin. I got to thinking of anybody who might get a tan, yet are black. It’s possible they do it for the tanning rays exfoliating skin or something. I also wondered if there was ever such a thing as an all-black tanning salon. There are other race-exclusive organizations and to be missing out on race-oriented tanning booths is an interesting predicament. It’s one of the only situations where tone of skin really does matter in a practical use to darken skin shade. And the fact that it is a business could potentially be seen as targeting white or light-skinned people. Would it be racist if their business was called White Tanning Paradise or Caucasian Skin Bronzing or even a broader Pale Skin Toning Salon?

Another thing that comes to mind is whether or not a naturally black person has an opportunity and/or desire to work with a tanning company. It makes me wonder if companies like Hispanic Magazine hire non-hispanic white people? If not, that could qualify as unequal opportunity. And if so, isn’t the hispanicity in vane? Or is it just for Hispanic people to read. I’m part Hispanic (Brazilian; the rest Filipino, Native American, and other traces), and don’t think there should be so much stress on exclusion, but I don’t necessarily feel threatened if there is isolation. I’m adopted and lost my history.

It’s strange that in the name of equality there is promotion of isolation rather than a natural integration. The Women’s National Book Association might be an example of how the advancement of women is brought on by separating from the men. But if there is to be a change in gender outlook so that women maintain equal status, it shouldn’t come across as “we need our own organization to prove our worth.” It goes without saying that there aren’t any credible male-exclusive associations with “Male” or “Men” as part of the title, so what good does the women side do. I am not trying to downplay important establishments that are legitimately to help anyone from the little girl to the grown lady like I. But why not include everybody in things? It is really going to destroy culture? I don’t think so. We can learn from different upbringings and still keep traditions or adopt new ones. To force or urge the stripping of heritage is wrong just as it is wrong to enforce segregation of your own kind (whether it be a women joining a women-based organization or a Latino going to a Latino College). It seems like the latter comes across as reversal of Brown v. Board of Education.

And do microphone manufacturers ever get complaints from mute people who want jobs there?

people are drugs

Am I a leech, feeding off of others? I don’t need you all the time to function, but when you are around I experience a new world. This can apply to anybody. People as a catalyst of interaction and resource for delivering behavior not possible when isolated- a key to the workings of society and the function of individuals. I’m no sociologist, but it’s inescapable to be affected by others. I am all myself, but cannot remove myself from a position (where moving to a new position is still a position).

Medicine Found to Reverse Homosexuality

Sexual orientation can be organized into different classes:

1) physical ownership of appropriate genitalia
2) abstract genderhood (what culture expresses as ideal for the sex)
3) personal characteristics that develop attraction
4) Biology and Environment (1 and 2) match
5) Biology and Personality (1 and 3) match
6) Arbitrary preference/other variants

Attack of the androgyne
Say you are a straight male: What happens when a person has appealing qualities but also negative qualities of another gender? A hot, curvy supermodel with a penis; Or Brad Pitt/George Clooney sporting a cock-less pelvis [only a satisfying vagina]. A short-haired, muscular woman who hates to cook, sew, raise children, and wear skirts dresses; A skinny guy who uses make-up and exhibits motherly concern for those near him and has a stereotypical effeminate side to him.

These are all possibilities. But scientists have discovered a medicine for sexual management to restrict unnatural thought patterns. There is a strand of DNA on Chromosome 8 that regulates the synthesis of testosterone and estrogen with a link to the spinal cord. This finding will have drastic effects on the neural interactions on sexual desire.

If only it were real.