Cheatskate. Cheating boys ain’t no good under my hood.

I haven’t been copmlex lady lately, so I am going to expose a conversation I had recently. A recent commenter wanted to know what to do with a cheat cheat cheater cgeat… who wants to say f off but wont.

My advice: Get out of the relationship if the person doesn’t know the letter after “e.”

She was searching for the “let me go down on you” experiment, it turns up that it doesn’t really work. Going down or even going downtown with someone doesn’t make them cheat on you.

She also stated that many people are tired of cleaning up his socks and cum. Many people? Sorry for you! If you don’t enjoy it, nobody will. Let him clean up the dirty work, especially if he is dirty. Dirty boys will never stay clean. Their hearts won’t be in it for you either. Put a bit of positivity in your life. Stand up for yourself and make the world a cleaner place.

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